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Bade FanFiction - Chapter 24

Bade FanFiction - Chapter 24 Song: 'She doesn't mind' by Sean Paul Chapter 24, The Time Winner Monday again. First subject: acting. Great! Everyone loves acting with Sikowitz. When the school bell rang, the gang went into the class room. Cat gave two coconuts to Sikowitz proudly. Beck and Jade sat next to each other. But on Beck's left, there was another free seat. Tori sat there. When Jade saw that, she rolled her eyes but didn't say anything because she remembered Beck's words from their weekend. It was just the hatred that grew inside Jade. But then she concentrated on what Sikowitz was telling the class now. "Morning! I've got two big announcements. At first I want to say I'm very proud to be the one who is allowed to tell their loved students -- in this case Beck Oliver and Miss West -- YOU ARE THE WINNERS OF THE DANCE COMPETITION! Congratulations!" Sikowitz made a big smile and everyone clapped their hands. Bade looked at each other with big eyes and smiled. Then they hugged and Beck kissed Jade. "See, I've said you were great the whole weekend, Sweetheart! Oh, come here, I LOVE you!", Beck said and kissed Jade once again. The two got an A for this school year. After the class calmed down a bit André asked "So what is your second announcement?" Sikowitz turned to a shelf and got a mysterious letter. He ordered the class to do that drum-roll with their feet. He opened it and exclaimed "Ryan Riddle!" Everyone frowned. Then Tori asked carefully "Ryan Riddle? Who is it?" Sikowitz opened the door <b>...</b> From: Anja Whateley Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 00:31 More in People & Blogs

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